Theme Of The Movie Maalik

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After two decades the writer of the masterpiece Dhuwan, Ashir Azeem came back as a debut film director and nailed it, both cinematically and systematically. As Dhuwan was a thriller based on a team of law enforcement officials who would do anything to catch the criminals, so it became super hit of that era and Ashir Azeem got fame as its writer and actor. Ashir Azeem returned after so many years with a new bang, his movie, Maalik which made expectations very high of the audience.
Main Theme
Basically Maalik is about war, politics, corruption and most of all about patriotism and taking ownership of one's country. It portrays our society from grass root strugglers to the highest levels of wealth and power. It is soaked in reality as it shows …show more content…

One is the story of a SSG officer, who went through a tragic incident, gets early retirement and starts a private security company with his father, combining his past SSG colleagues on their retirements. Next comes the story of a pathan that escapes from the Soviet war in Afghanistan after declining to take part in battle and settles in Karachi, with his wife and two daughters. Other story is of a school master who suffers a lot by a cruel natured lord and continues to fight for his right while walking on the path of idealism, while that corrupt, coldblooded lord becomes the Chief Minister and unleashes a reign of terror on all that cross his path. And finally the SSG based security company ends up becoming a social working company, who will do anything to bring justice to this very society; works under the oath "Mein Pakistan ka shehri, Pakistan ka maalik hun".
In conclusion, Maalik is brilliantly made movie; filled with perfectly shot action sequences, heart wrenching tragedies and dirty politics; slick and stylish in quality and effective content. Overall it is a good effort and leaves people with something to think about.
Power of Censor …show more content…

While talking to a news channel, the film's director Aashir Azeem confirmed "yes, a ban was imposed on the movie, however, now the media reports are saying that it has been removed".
Role of Government
After SBFC revoked ban on Maalik, the federal government banned Ashir Azeem's film Maalik nationwide in a notification issued day after cancellation of SBFC’s ban. The Sindh government decided to ban the film Maalik and then revoked that notice all in the space of a few hours.
The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, and National Heritage issued a notification declaring the Urdu feature film "uncertified" according to Section 9 of the Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979. The culture ministry drafted a notification ordering a ban on the movie for being ‘biased’ and provoking violence.
The government did not provide any explanation for banning the film in its notification. The government gave no reason for its intervention, which is unusual as film regulation is normally carried out by local censorship boards. However, before it was formally issued, the Sindh chief minister intervened and asked the ministry not to issue it as it would be ‘against the freedom of

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