Theme Of The Necklace Theme

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When Luke Castellan from the "Percy Jackson series" betrayed his friends and family, he did it because of his pride. He put his pride first and endangered himself and the rest of the world. His example shows us that having pride isn't always good. This theme is also shown in many of the short stories in the unit, making it a universal theme.
One example of this theme is in the short story "The Scarlet Ibis." In the story, the leading character was ashamed of having a disabled little brother, believing that other kids would make fun of them. He decides to teach his brother how to walk. After a rough couple of weeks, Doodle, the little brother, learns how to walk. The older brother decides to also teach Doodle how to run, swim, and climb so …show more content…

This part shows the theme because she is ashamed to show herself wearing her old, decaying wrap. She walks a bit with her husband and hails a cab away from the party. It's only when she gets home she realizes she has lost a necklace she borrowed from her friend. She has to call her friend to tell her that she broke the clasp of the necklace but in actuality, she was trying to find a replacement for the seemingly expensive necklace.This is another example of pride because instead of admitting that she lost the necklace, she tried to replace it. She and her husband have to pay off the debt they received from buying the replacement necklace. One day, after she pays off the debt, she unexpectedly runs into the lady that let her borrow the necklace in the first place. The lady tells her that the necklace that she lost was a fake, and she went into debt for 10 years for replacing that one necklace. All of this was caused by Madame Loisel not wanting to ruin her pride by wearing an old wrap and not admitting to losing the

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