Theme Of Time In The Great Gatsby

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James Gatsby is constantly trying to change time. In the book the word time is mentioned hundreds of time showing its definite importance. James Gatsby continued to dwell on the past with his relationship with Daisy which blatantly ruined and future chance she had with him. Gatsby felt as if something was missing from his life and F. Scott Fitzgerald makes the reader conclude that the “thing” is in fact Daisy. He wanted her so much that he wanted to erase the last five years that he didn't spend with her. Assumptions could be made that Gatsby's whole reason in living the life he did was to for lack of a better word impress Daisy. His whole purpose for living was to be with Daisy and that didn't work out his whole life was a waste. He died for the thing he was living for. Gatsby is a pathological control freak, and the one thing he couldn't control with his money, alcohol, a manipulation was time. A clock is a symbol for consistency and and control because it never changes, 12 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, it never changes. So when the clock in the scene with Daisy, Nick, and Gatsby falls and breaks Gatsby begins to feel uncertain about what he is doing and believes that everything was a mistake. Everybody seems to have an obsession with time. People are always looking for a way to travel in time, or change what happened previously in time. Jay Gatsby, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby", is one of these people. The whole novel is centered on the idea of the past,

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