Theme Of Transformation In The Metamorphosis

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In one of Franz Kafka’s best-selling novella “The metamorphosis”, the main character, Gregor experienced a sudden change to his physical appearance, in one morning. On that particular morning, he found out that his whole body had turned into an enormous vermin. This misfortune that Gregor acquired changed his life and the household of his family, significantly. The transformation was very much right off the bat that it was hard to see the clear cause of his transformation. It seems as if he was hopeless all along, even with the little bits of support from his family, the fate of Gregor seemed to just got worse as if there were nothing that could be done to change what has happened to Gregor.
First of all, it was quite clear that Gregor’s family …show more content…

By accident, he surprised his mother by hanging on the wall to keep an important personal asset. He tried to help his sister by going next door and tried to help his sister to find medicines for his mother.
Although his good intention was misinterpreted by his sister and his father, and he accused of trying to scare his mother on purpose.
We could see from this part of the novella that there were no hope for Gregor’s family to be able to understand Gregor and to realize that Gregor was still the same person they’ve known for years and he wanted to do no harm to his family. This was the point, when the novella started to make me wonder whether it was just Gregor’s fate to suffer until the day death took his life, and neither him nor his family could do anything to change his fate.
At the same time as we read deeper into the novella, we could see that Gregor did not choose to be the creature he had turned into. He was also very much confused and was helpless with the situation he was in. Almost every single good intention or action he

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