Theme Of Violent Action In The Great Gatsby

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What lead to violent actions? When you love someone and they have already moved on this could lead to a violent actions. Furthermore that could lead to a death scene. In the story of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald people gotten mad and hurts because of love and cheating on one another. Therefore being jealously can lead to violence action. Jealousy can overpower people action. One example that shows in the book is when Myrtle keeps saying Daisy's name and repeating her name. Therefore Tom got very angry and broke her nose, this is showing that myrtle is jealous because she want Tom as her lover. But Tom doesn't like it when she said Daisy name, therefore Tom got mad and hit her because Tom still love Daisy even though he is with another women. But Tom don't want people saying her name, or talk about Daisy. Another example is when Gatsby meet Daisy daughter then got mad and upset because Daisy didn't wait for him while he was at the war, also she thought Gatsby was dead. But she had move on, then married another man instead marrying him. Then Gatsby starts an argument with Tom because he was mad and hurt. This shows that Gatsby got jealous because daisy didn't wait for him, and got married to another guy. Gatsby got mad because she didn't marry him. Another example is that when Tom told George that Gatsby own the yellow car, who live in the west egg. Then George got angry and in pain at the same time, then he went to

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