Theme Of War In A Separate Peace

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The beginning of a friendship is the beginning of keenness, jealousy, and often times hatred. One may become naive in the course of friendship and never realize by the end that a friend may become an enemy. In A Separate Peace by John Knowles this is just the case, a friendship that consists of two complete polar opposites, Gene and Finny, one athletic the other a brainiac. Gene and Finny go to Devon School and through thick and thin these two have stuck together, however during the summer into junior year their relationship hits some turbulence. John Knowles embodies the reality of war within the relationship of Gene and Finny, as well as, how the fear of war, surroundings of war, and violence can affect several relationships.
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Gene states, “...never before experienced a student who combined a calm ignorance of the rules with a winning urge to be good.” (Knowles 1959). Gene talks about Finny as though he had drawn a blurred line between what was good and what was meant to be good, but ended with major consequences. Knowles here draws a point that conflicts in oneself can affect what is occurring externally, because of “ignorance” the consequences extended beyond reach.
Furthermore, Gene does not simply see Finny as a friend but a partner in crime. “Finny trapped me again in his strongest trap, that is, I suddenly became his collaborator” ( Knowles 1959). Gene and Finny are allies, it is them against the rest of the world, Knowles is highlighting the fact that although these two are friends Finny can manipulate Gene in any which way he chooses making them moreso enemies. Gene is blinded by Finny’s wit and charming manner, but the surroundings in Devon have an equally heavy effect on their relationship. ii. Devon School is surrounded by

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