Theme Of Water In The Great Gatsby

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The roaring twenties were a time of extreme wealth and lavishness. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby is certainly no exception. However, hidden within the novel, Fitzgerald points out that despite all of the money many people had large problems. Through his inventive use of water, time, and flowers Fitzgerald reveal that money cannot buy happiness. Fitzgerald’s utilizes water throughout the novel to convey the theme that money cannot buy happiness. Fitzgerald first hints at this when Daisy receives Gatsby’s letter before her wedding. In her drunken sadness, Jordan and a maid help calm Daisy by giving her a bath where she eventually calms down. Despite Tom giving Daisy expensive gifts and planning an expensive wedding, Gatsby’s simple letter causes enough emotional distress that she debates marrying Tom. No gift that Tom has given her gives her a strong enough reason for her to marry him, however, the calming bath and ice get her back to her senses. Fitzgerald uses the bath to symbolize a simple solution to a problem that money would be unable to solve. In addition to water illustrating a solution to a problem, also appears as a problem in the novel. Gatsby spends an immense amount of money in order buy a house where “Daisy would be just across the bay.”(Pg. 78) While Gatsby buys that specific house to be near Daisy, the bay between them symbolizes the emotional distance between the two. Even though he spent a considerable amount of money the bay ultimately

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