Theme Of Women In An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls is a play written by JB Priestley. It was set straight after the Second World War where the men and society was completely different to the ones nowadays.The society would be capitalist and the rich would be rich and the poor poor. In this play he presents a wide range of themos. Priestly uses Mr.Birling’s tendency to dehumanise women and his relationship to show the inequality between men and women in the victorian/edwardian era.“Is there any reason why my wife should answer questions from you,Inspector? … clothes mean something quite different to a woman. Not just something to wear- and not just something to make ‘em look prettier.”The use of the possessive determinator, shows that Mr.Birling treats Mrs.Birling as if she was another one of his personal …show more content…

It shows gender discrimination that Mrs.Birling had towards Eva Smith a young women that was only doing her job in a local aged store. The use of the complex phrase “ a girl in her position” is more evidence that proves that Mrs.Birling would have no acceptance for a girl like Eva Smith to be working in a shop and becoming an independent women that is able to take care of herself. This shows how in the Victorian/Edwardian era the women were expected to stay home as housewives and not work whilst the men were at work in order to maintain their family.In this society and as shown by Ms.Birling they would have very little acceptance for women working and becoming independent without the need of a man to bring the

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