Theme Of Women In The House On Mango Street

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Women, in general, are usually treated like Second-class citizens. They are treated like they're useless and men are automatically Superior to them. These can cause changes in personality and development of character. Cisneros Novella, The House on Mango Street has taught me that a person's identity can be shaped by gender. In the time that the main character, Esperanza, is living, women are inferior to men. From the beginning of the book, Esperanza comes to the conclusion that men and women are living in “separate worlds,” and the fact women are almost completely powerless in their society. The women are often abused and never even have the chance to fend for themselves. “On Tuesdays, Rafaela's husband comes home… and then Rafaela… gets locked inside because her husband is afraid Rafaela will run away since she is too beautiful to look at” (79). This shows how over-possessive he is over Rafaela, even though he is rarely home. This is an example of neglect which is a common type of abuse. She has often been alone and people forget about her until she says, “ ‘Kids, if I give you a dollar, will you go to the store and buy me something?’,”. She never leaves the house because her husband would be angry with her if she left. In the chapter, “My Name,” she says that she gets her name from her great-grandmother. Her great-grandfather “threw a sack over her head and carried her off.... as if she was a fancy chandelier” (11). Esperanza later goes onto explain that her

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