Theme of Hardship in The Grapes of Wrath Essay

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The Grapes of Wrath 'In the souls of the people, the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.' This quote explains the whole book. It shows the people fighting for their lives from the many hardships they face. Also, it shows that there is ups and downs in life and sometimes facing the wrath that life gives us. The first hardship in the book is when the Joads are forced off their land. They have to overcome losing their home and basically their life. Also, the Joads can relate to many people because the bank took over their life. ?The bank is something more than,it?s the monster.? (33) This…show more content…
They start to run low on money and need to leave the camp to find another job. ?Never worked so hard in my life nor so long before.? (X) This quote explains how the Joads work. They work each of their jobs as hard as they can and endure so much pain just to survive. The family doesn?t complain when their working or what they don?t have, they take what they have and make it out as the best they can. Towards the end of the book Rose of Sharon faces the worst hardship out of anyone. She has a still-born baby. This was the one thing in Rose of Sharon?s life she really wanted . The baby was the reason she woke up in the morning and could live life. Being the strong- willed woman Rose of Sharon is she moves on with life. Then at the end of the book her motherly figure comes out when she suckles the man back to health. When Casy is brutally murdered by the police officer it shows many accusations. It shows back then police officers did not care about protecting people. They were cruel people who cared about themselves. So that Casy?s life ended tragically, before he died he compared himself to Jesus trying to find something. Even though he was bad with girls and gave up preaching he was still connected with God. In
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