Themes In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The death that will kill a man begins as an appetite. In 1937, american author John Steinbeck published his critically acclaimed book, Of Mice and Men. His novel was praised for its deep ties to human experience by many. Many readers could relate to the thematics aborted by the book to a certain extent. This allowed them to enjoy this piece of literature furthermore. His work outlines and highlights a large palette of in depth thematics. In Of Mice of Men, John Steinbeck uses motif, symbolism and characterization to convey a desire and longing for something in particular.

In his novel, motif is used in order to demonstrate the characters’ desires in this story. Throughout the story, almost every character expresses at one point or another their ambitions or their dreams. For example, there’s George and Lennie. These two explain time and time again to each other their vision of their ranch that they’ll share together in the future. They hold this idea dearly to themselves as it is an overall “better”(7) life for them.Their goal motivates them to work harshly in order to achieve it. Despite the problems that they encounter, they try to persevere through them in order to realize their ambition. For instance, following Lennie’s previous incident with a lady’s dress, the duo had to adapt once again due to the problems that Lennie had created for them . In spite of the many problems that Lennie drags George in , he puts up with it and then attempts to fix the damage done
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