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One of the main themes of this book is the loss of innocence, owing to children who became more and more fierce. At the very beginning, these children who survived in the aircraft accident were puerile and knew nothing. To live in the island, they learned to kill animals, with each passing day, they came to the hideous side.
Initially, these children started their lives on the island, and made a campfire to seek help. The life looked interesting and peaceful. These children even afraid of killing a pig due to the lack of enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh and the unbearable blood. When children saw the lagoon, they swam in the lagoon happily and felt relaxed. It seems like they forgot the plight they were in. At first children were all still “children”. They were innocent and naive. Children enjoyed their lives, swam in the lagoon, did not know how to do the cruel things. They were frightened of the blood and did not brave enough to kill anything.
With the passage of time, the passion and patience of the primal target — back to their countries, had been forgotten and disappeared. The actual nature of children exposed. Even when a ship passed away, some boys only went hunting …show more content…

Eventually, they had no desire to return to civilization, they lost the sense of innocence that they possessed at the beginning of the novel. The painted savages in Chapter 12 who had hunted, tortured, and killed animals and human beings were far cry from the simple children swimming in the lagoon in Chapter 3. This is a simple comparison between children in different periods. At first, children were innocent, but the later experiences changed the personality of children. Loss of innocence is the testimony of the death of Piggy and Simon. The whole story could be the progress of the loss of innocence. So that, loss of innocence is one of the main theme of this

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