Themes in Poetry: Death

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"Themes in Poetry: Death"

There are many frequently occurring ideas in poetry. The basic message of a poem is called a "theme." All poems have a certain theme that they revolve around, such as love, nature, life, and confusion. In different poems by different poets, the same themes correlate with each other because they all revolve around the same subject matter. Although seen through different angles and viewpoints, the same message is present and intertwined within the poems. One of the most commonly used themes in poetry of various poets is the theme of death. There are many different aspects of death that can be written about, but still, all the poems connect in the fact that they are about death.

For centuries, poets have been
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It does not matter which angle it is looked open by, it still shares the same conclusion, in that it is the ending of life for a person. Whether there is life after death or not is still uncertain to many, which opens up more inspiration for more poems about the mysteries after death, but still all the while, the theme holds strong to its concrete
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