My Religion Research Paper

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Throughout this Theology II class, I found myself thinking and learning more about my religion than I have ever before. Since I had twelve years of Catholic school I thought I knew mostly everything there was about religion, yet, this class challenged my understanding of things I thought I had a grasp of. Things such as contingent and necessary beings, revelation, the Church on homosexuals, Jesus’ life, the sacraments, spirituality, what a Jesuit is, who Ignatius is, what Laudato Si is, and what morality is; these are just are just to name a few that have transformed my idea of theology in this new age. Theology mediates between religion and a cultural matrix. Therefore, for something to exist it would have to preexist itself (Malloy, Lecture). So, therefore, for God to exist then he must have preexisted. Well, it is a little more complicated than that. A contingent being cannot exist. Whereas, a necessary being cannot not exist. God is a necessary being he as to have existed or the Catholic world would be based off nothing. How do we exist then? We partake in existence, which is why we are here. Revelation is when God reveals God’s self. If God is love, love by its very nature desires relation with that which love creates (Malloy, Lecture). God cannot force his love on to anyone. The revelation of God is Jesus, Jesus reveals God to us through his teachings. Moses, Muhammed, and even Buddha reveal God’s revelations. Yet, in the Christian tradition, God is mostly revealed

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