Theories And Nature Of Human Behavior

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“Sociology is a science because it is based on a rational body of knowledge, much of which can be tested objectively” (Claerbaut, 2015). The method in which this relates to the attempt to understand the functions and nature of human behavior is by how people view society. There are three major theories that provide a lens to compare how and individual see their environment. “A theory is a set of ideas that attempts to explain the known facts of a subject in a way that makes sense” (Claerbaut, 2015).
The three major theories are sociology are structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Structure functionalism “is a macro-level theory that views a society as a complete unit, in much the same way one might look at …show more content…

This gives way to conflict theory that states these units compete with one another for power or status. If conflict theory happens in a motor the unit will not function properly or at all. The last level is symbolic interactionism allowing for effective communication much like a computer that links the components of the individual parts or pieces.
Each theory has their own advantages and disadvantages when concerning circumstances in society. One theory may be too broad of a scope to properly ascertain the intricacies of a dilemma or issue, while another may be to specific and not see the big picture of entirety of what needs to be addressed. What may be an individual problem or situation may have nothing to do with societal harmony. On the other hand, an issue that an individual maybe having could be an effect because of what is happen in society.
The reason this writer has the theory style of structural functionalism would be based on personal and life experiences. As previously stated this writer is mechanically minded and has had such a view point from a very young age. The view point of symbiosis, consensus and balance. Per our text this involves the view of “consensus, stability and harmony” (Claerbaut, 2015). Conflict is destructive unlike to that of the functioning of a motor, a motor its self is a whole unit, a unit that is comprised

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