Theory Of Philosophical Optimism In Pangloss's Candide

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In Lisbon, Pangloss is hanged for his freethinking and Candide is beaten for approving of them. Miraculously, Candide is reunited with Cunégonde. She has managed to survive the murder attempt by the Bulgarian soldiers described by Pangloss. Nonetheless, Cunégonde is now a mistress and servant to two men. Candide kills both of the men and the group escapes, along with an old woman, to Buenos Aires. En route, the old woman tells them of her horrific past she has clearly suffered far more than anyone else in the group. At this point, Candide begins to seriously doubt Pangloss's theory of philosophical optimism. Due to the several afflictions they have all endured. In Buenos Aires, the governor proposes to Cunégonde and she agrees. In the meantime,
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