Theory of Knowledge Tools

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When the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems begin to resemble nails. Very likely it seems. Cause when you are limited to a hammer there is nothing else you could do other than pounding stuff. That’s what Abraham Maslow noticed. The use of “only” indicates limitation in the access to the other tools and “resemble” shows how all the problems are perceived as the same (even though they maybe different from what they appear to be) due to this limitation. Looking at the general behavioral and impulsive problem solving methods of people, this quote seems valid. But in the TOK world the question that arises is that, to what extent do the wok’s, when used independently give us a reliable solution to the problems faced. In order to address this we would be looking at: perception and reason as tools in the pursuit of knowledge using the natural sciences and religion. Also, it would be interesting to look at how these TOK tools can have alternative uses; using the same tool with different techniques (i.e. AOK’s) and how sometimes the old tool needs to be swapped with a newer and efficient one apply to our knowledge issue. The world that we live in is a very complicated one. There are many things happening at any given time as a result of which we are constantly exposed to the problems in our surroundings. Not every one of us is able to cope with such a varied stimuli of problems or have the patience to deal with the problems individually using different “tools” for each
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