Theosophical Influence Of Jackson Pollock's Art

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Jackson Pollock was a legendary, novel, abstract expressionist who has created numerous paintings through his drip-style, action painting technique (Goodnough, 2012). Theosophical influence arose from Phillip Guston and Thomas Hart Benton, while in the early stages of the artist’s life. Muralists, such as Jose Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera were also admired and studied by Pollock. He was captivated by the unorthodox techniques of David Alfaro Siqueiros which contributed to the abstract style of Jackson Pollock (Solomon, 1987). These early influences helped Pollock transform physical space and feelings into an endless canvas of color, rhythm, and design. Drawing inspiration from artists Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Jose Clemente Orozco, …show more content…

Late 1930’s, ensuing his love of art, Jackson moved to New York, with his two older brothers, and became associated with the Art Students League where he studied under Thomas Hart Benton. While in New York, Pollock became attracted to the Old Masters style of painting which promoted him to attend the New School for Social Research, New York where he met Jose Clemente Orozco, muralist. During attendance at New Workers School, New York, he became inspired by the unorthodox style of David Alfaro Siqueiros which significantly contributed to his abstract expressionism. Finally, in 1932, Jackson Pollock had his first exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in the 8th Exhibition of Watercolors, Pastels, and Drawings by American and French Artists (Terra Foundation for American Art: Collections, n.d.). Also, during the 1930’s, Jackson struggled with alcoholism and the depressive state that accompanies the disease, in spite of this Jackson painted “Going West” in 1934, his earliest notable painting (Solomon, …show more content…

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