Therapeutic Detention Program Research Paper

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To properly evaluate the effectiveness, outcomes, and cost of the Therapeutic Detention Center for Juveniles program it will be necessary to conduct a mixed methods research approach that includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Fifty percent of juveniles who have been ordered by the court to this program will be randomly selected to be enrolled into a 5-year study. Juveniles diagnosed with a mental illness based off DSM-5 criteria who have been court ordered to the Therapeutic Detention Center will be eligible for the study. Consent should be obtained by both the juvenile and their parent/guardian for enrollment. The goals of the program include providing support to the offender by helping them start/continue a normal and …show more content…

Recidivism measures will include self-reported delinquency and police contacts. The program’s cost will be measured through a multivariate analysis. Data shall be collected on all aspects of program administration by keeping records of resource allocation, methods of operation, day to day procedures, staffing patterns, location, size of program, management structure, and inter-organizational relationships, content, duration, and intensity of treatment involved in the intervention. This data can serve as a comparison to standard detention programs to weigh cost vs. benefits. The program’s utilization of the initial individual counseling session and the group counseling sessions costs will also be evaluated. The cost of any specialized group counselling (sexual education, growth group, job education) shall also be collected. As mentioned, a multivariate analysis of the multiple independent variables on the dependent variables will be necessary to evaluate the Therapeutic Detention Center for Juveniles program’s effectiveness and cost. The collected data will be coded for fluidity and calculated using chi-square. Cross tabulation and scatterplot graphs will be used to determine the relationships of the variables. The analysis of this program will review the short-term and long-term measures

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