Theravada Buddhism and Escaping Rebirth Essay

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Many of the mainline religions have the ultimate goal of receiving enlightenment. Most of which, enlightenment comes in the form of eternal afterlife in a superior setting with the higher power. Buddhism however, reaches enlightenment or also known as Nirvana by escaping the cycle of rebirth. Buddhism has been around as a religion for quite some time now an in today’s society it may seem too be viewed a bit different but still the main principles it was founded on still stand. Buddhism gets more in detail and specific if it is being observed to that extent, into three branches also known as "vehicles". Theravada ("the small vehicle") even called Hinayana is one branch, Mahayana ("the large vehicle"), and Vayrayana ("the thunderbolt, or …show more content…

The First Noble Truth is that life is suffering. "Dukkha in Pali" stands for life is suffering, but what some people fail to realize is that an opinion that life is bad or suffering. In Buddhism it is realized that life being suffering is a reality to everyone and an outlook on life. As we go through life we lose loved ones to death, friends for many various reason, and etc. From the Buddhism perspective there is no way to escape the things in life that cause suffering and therefore looking for the "good things" in life or things believed to bring happiness are pointless. "Birth is suffering; decay is suffering; illness is suffering; death is suffering. Presence of objects we hate is suffering; separation from objects we love is suffering; not to obtain what we desire is suffering." (Young, 2005) Complete understanding of this First Noble Truth is important to be able to prosper along with following and understanding the proceeding Truths.
With the First Nobel Truth being life is suffering (dukkha); it leads to the Second Noble Truth (Tanha) which states suffering is caused by craving. "It is that craving that leads back to birth, along with the lure and the lust that lingers longingly now here, now there: namely, the craving for sensual pleasure, the craving to be born again, the craving for existence to end." (Young, 2005) In other religions this craving too in similar manners is a down fall to humanity. Hinduism is the most similar

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