There Are Many Different Types Of Stereotypes. Most Commonly

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There are many different types of stereotypes. Most commonly knows are the three main divisions of the lower class, the working class and middle class. They impact the expectations we have of ourselves as well as the expectations of those around us. This happens in all settings, including school, work, and all public social events.
The lower class is usually thought out to be mistreated and worthless. In this country, it almost seems fine for most people to beat or bully the lower class due to their lack of resources. On top of that, they are also subject to discrimination because of their ethnicity, religion, gender, or age. When someone goes to school with ragged clothes, they are often looked at negatively and talked about. We see a …show more content…

“Pretty Woman is a perfect example of a film that made huge sums of money portraying the poor in this light.”(Hooks pg. 485-86)
Barbara Ehrenreich reads The Other America by author Michal Herrington and becomes surprised at how he considers poor people. Michael Herrington affirms that poor people are a "culture of poverty," when in reality poor people seem different from everybody else due to their poorly housed, disadvantage, and poorly fed. “The culture of poverty gave The Other America a trendy academic twist, but it also gave the book a conflicted double message: “We”-- The always presumptively affluent readers—needed to find some way to help the poor, but we also needed to understand that there was something wrong with them, something that could not be cured by a straightforward redistribution of wealth.”(Ehrenreich pg. 607) Barbara Ehrenreich discovers that Michael Herrington is incorrect; she was raised by a blue collar family, and the main reason why people are poor is due to lack of money.
The working class is learned to be either liked or disliked. Other circumstances, such as

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