There Are Many Issues Regarding Gender Inequality In The

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There are many issues regarding gender inequality in the U.S. One of the many examples is gender inequality in the workforce. Women are unequally treated in the workforce due sex segregation. One of the main issues in the workforce is hiring discrimination. Hiring discrimination in the U.S. is illegal under the Civil Rights Act that was passed in 1964 (Pg. 275 Sociology project 2.0), but the law has not totally ended discrimination. Many businesses have biased leaders. Women are more likely to get laid off due to “company cutbacks and reorganization.” They have a more difficult time getting promoted, even if they are very successful. “Some employers discriminate against women simply because they are mothers, although in most cases this is…show more content…
Women deserve equal opportunity. Getting rid of gender stereotypes would promote change. It takes more than one person to make a difference. Both men and women are affected. Another inequality is the representation of women in politics. There are many stereotypes concerning women. Because of these stereotypes, many women do not think they are qualified. It 's crazy to think that only a century ago, women were not allowed to vote. According to an article by Mia Bush, women hold only 26.2 percent of high government positions (“US Women Make Strides towards Equality”). Women are underrepresented in politics. One of the many examples of this inequality is congress. Women are such a small part of a very important area. More women in congress would give the female population a voice. An equal representation of both men and women in congress would improve many issues. Hillary Clinton was the first of the many women in the workforce to play a significant role in politics. In her career, she was the nation 's 67th secretary of state, and represented for New York in the senate, as well as other political positions. In the 2008 presidential campaign, she had the chance to become the nation 's first female president, but was not elected. She reappeared again in this years race with a great campaign, but again was not elected. Although she did have some legal issues that negatively impacted her standing, gender stereotypes definitely played a big role in her failure. It
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