There Are Multiple Threats By The Earth 's Environment By Brian Parham

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In Brian Parham’s article “There Are Multiple Threats to the Earth’s Environment,” published by The Bridge website on November 18, 2012, Parham claims that Earth’s environment is threatened by a wide variety of issues. Parham 's "There Are Multiple Threats to the Earth 's Environment" is an effective argument due to the strong uses of ethos and pathos, despite the weak use of logos. First, Parham 's argument about Earth 's environment shows effective uses of ethos, leading to a compelling overall argument. Parham first uses ethos when in an interview with Tim Vendlinski in which he discusses the last detrimental ecological disaster. Vendlinski mentions in “There are Multiple Threats to the Earth’s Environment” article that “[humans] have lost more plants and animals today than when the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago” (Parham). Overall, Parham’s use of ethos in this example is strong and thus further serves to strengthen the argument. First, Parham uses ethos here to include another individual who is both supportive of the argument and a believable authority. Parham also uses ethos here to support his claim with credible facts and background. Additionally, according to the San Francisco Estuary Institute’s article “Tim Vendlinski,” Vendlinski can be considered a trusted authority because he “serv[ed] as EPA’s Bay Delta Program Manager; and from 1989-1995, work[ed] under the auspices of the San Francisco Estuary Project” (“Tim Vendlinski”). Also, Vendlinski shows bias

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