There Have Been Numerous Historical Evidences Shown About

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There have been numerous historical evidences shown about the Pre-colonial history of Black kingdoms in Africa. Many historians have concluded that the people that inhabit Pre-colonial Africa were anthropologically Black. However, there has been so much controversy and misconception about the ethnicity of ancient Egyptians by many historians. The controversy is due to many ethnocentric historians and anthropologists attributing the development of the Egyptian civilization to the Caucasian people. Dr. Herbert J. Foster, historian from Staten Island Community College, argues that significant amounts of people inhabiting Egypt were black; they were major contributors to the development of the Egyptian civilization. Dr. Herbert utilizes …show more content…

There were many quotes throughout the article by anthropologists that echoed the sentiment that it was the Hamites who settled and helped develop Egypt. One notable anthropologist that Dr. Herbert wrote about was C. G. Seligman. Seligman solidified the new Hamitic Hypothesis by praising the success and accomplishments that happened in Africa and Egypt to the “Caucasian” Hamites. Dr. Herbert then noted that Seligman’s theory, “ still persists in the writings of numerous anthropologists and historians.” Dr. Herbert was able to use evidences from different fields such as anthropology and history to understand the controversy surrounding the Hamitic Hypothesis.
Dr. Herbert uses scientific, archeological and historical evidences to argue that the ethnicity of Egyptians was black; and that they were major contributors to the Egyptian civilization. Historical evidence was used to support the argument that there were blacks contributing to the expansion of Egypt. Dr. Herbert quoted an author of African History, Basil Davidson, who argued, “that the ancient ancestors of present-day Africa were an “important and perhaps dominant element” among the people who fathered early Egyptian civilization.” Herbert used scientific studies to help support the claim that Davidson made. Dr. Herbert first talked about the study done in 1905 by Randall-McIver and Thompson who surveyed ancient Egyptian skulls. Randall-McIver and Thompson

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