Ancient Egypt: The Old Kingdom And The New Kingdom

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Almost everyone has heard of the ancient civilization of Egypt. Most people generally know when and where the Egyptians lived, what their government was like, how they lived on a day to day basis, and what all they achieved in the many centuries that they flourished. This paper will go in depth on all of these categories.
The ancient civilization started in eastern Africa along the Nile River from 2575 B.C. to 1075 B.C. Scholars have divided the general history of Egypt into three time periods; the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom.
To start with, their empire began as a bureaucracy during the Old Kingdom. Then during the Middle Kingdom, it was cast out. The Egyptians also had a theocracy, meaning that government and religion were mixed together. The
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One of their trading partners was Nubia (aka Kush). Though they both fought for control of the trade, which in turn let to both civilizations conquering each other. In the end, the two had exchanged culture and influenced each other.
Furthermore, the Egyptians were polytheistic meaning that they believed in many gods. They also believed in the afterlife. The Egyptians believed that if they mummified their dead and buried the dead’s riches with them, then they would be well off in the afterlife.
The Egyptians have done a lot in 1500 years; they built the pyramids and the Sphinx, developed a writing system called Hieroglyphs, the Rosetta Stone, mummification, they had an advance society, math and astronomy, and medicine.
Almost everyone has heard of the ancient civilization of Egypt. Most people generally know that the Egyptians lived from 2575 B.C. to 1075 B.C. along the Nile River, that they had a theocracy and a bureaucratic system, that they farmed and traded and conquered, and that they built massive structures and made their own writing
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