Thesis Outline Of Johnathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

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A Modest Proposal Outline
Introduction: In Johnathan Swift’s essay “A Modest Proposal,” he states all children in Ireland who are born in a low-income family should be sold as a food source for the affluent families in Ireland. The government believed it was the only way to handle economic problems in the countries of Ireland when on hard times, but society was not amused by the way the people of Ireland are dealing with their financial issues by selling their own children like cattle to make money for themselves. In other countries; parents let their older children, even young ones, work in factories or other business industries to raise money to help support the family. Unlike the parents in Ireland who thinks to sell off their kids (healthy ones) as food to wealthy citizens is their only chance of surviving through poverty.

Thesis Statement: The use of different satires gives readers a reason to criticize or ridicule on Swift’s views on the lives of Irish people. In the 18th century, families in Ireland were so poor they are made to live on the streets without food, money, shoes, or even clothes to wear. So, to make money the children’s parents made the rash decision of sacrificing them to settle their own financial problems in a humorous but grotesque way.

Main Idea I: Satire is mainly used in stories/novels to humor, or exaggerate readers so they could criticize a character’s stupidity. A) During this period, many people of Ireland are suffering from poverty,

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