Things That Came to Me After Watching Capitalism: A Love Story

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Not much has really been said about the other three “isms” in the movie, while Capitalism was highly criticized. What was the purpose of the movie? Is it purposely made to antagonize Capitalism, or expose America’s flawed political and economic system? The movie gave many description of Capitalism. It ranged from good remarks like “system of taking and giving” to criticism like how it is a “system of taking and giving, but mostly taking.” Based on what is shown in the movie, the second description would be more believable. The “successful” people shown in the movie took advantage of others’ misfortune. For example, the loan companies who bankrupt the poor people even more. The loan companies let people borrow more money with high interest rates, knowing that they would most likely not be able to pay it back, but in return the companies take everything they have. There is a family in the movie that owned a house for so many years, and the bank was able to take it from them for not being able to pay what they owe. Thankfully, the bank was “generous” enough to offer them money in exchange of cleaning out their house. Is that really the right thing to do? Another infuriating part of the movie is when another family became homeless and was forced to live in a truck. What happened to the “highest standard of living in the world” that they America promised? Is living a truck a luxurious thing now? How did that happen? How come nobody stopped the economic abuse to lower and

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