Things They Carried Women

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In The Things We Carried, We learned that men are not the only one’s that have part of the war but, also that women are part of the war as well. Have you ever thought that you as a women ever wanted to be part of the war? To want everyone in the world believe that a women can also be apart of the war? Well to demonstrate to you there are three young courageous women in The Things They Carried, that want us women to become apart of the war. Back in the 1950’s women had rights to be in the war and to help take care of men that were wounded severely. The way that Mary Anne portrays herself as she comes to see her boyfriend Mark Fossie and the rest of the crew is on page 89 when “ The way Rat told it, she came in by helicopter along with …show more content…

I feel as if she is just using jimmy as a shield to hide under and she probably does have feelings for jimmy but she is just scared to tell him how she really feels about him. I also feel as if she has a boyfriend and she is not telling anyone because she is a person that liked to hide secrets. On page 27 and 28, They’d run into each other, he said, at a college reunion in 1979. Nothing had changed . He stilled loved her. For eight or nine hours, he said, they spend most of their time together…. At breakfast the next morning she told him she was sorry. She explained that there was nothing she could do about it, and he said he understood, and then she laughed and gave him the picture and told him not to burn the picture and told him not to burn this one up. Jimmy shook his head. “It doesn’t matter”, he finally said, I love her. This quotes shows that even though jimmy and Martha ran into each other they were talking and jimmy finally knowing that martha doesn’t love him the way that he thought she loved him that way. On page 28, “ Jimmy thought it over and then gave me a smile. This quote shows that even though he found out that martha doesn’t feel the sameway that he feels about her is that he is going to …show more content…

On page 125, When she was nine, my daughter asked if i had ever killed anyone. She knew about the war, she knew i’d been a soldier . “You keep writing these war stories,” she said,” So i guess you must’ve killed somebody”. It was a difficult moment , but i did what seemed right, which was to say, “ of course not”, and then to take her onto my lap and hold her for a while. Someday , i hope , she’ll ask again. But here i want to pretend she’s a grown -up….}. This quote shows that Kathleen is just a young girl asking many questions to her dad to know if he has ever did anyone because she is very curious and seemed very interested in knowing what her father did when he was in the war. If her dad tells her that he has killed someone then she might think that he is a bad guy and not a good father but killing someone that is so

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