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Things We Carry I carry kindness. I’ve gotten my kindness from my sister, Rebecca. Kindness is a big part of me. I try to be kind even when I’m not feeling so great. If I’m feeling like Eeyore, I try to be kind to others around me. I alway see my sister go on missions to other countries and help teach people about sign language. My sister is like a care bear, she’s friendly to others. Many people around the world are deaf and don’t know how to communicate with others around them. So Rebecca, and people from church go to other countries to teach. Rebecca is very kind to people, even when she’s frustrated. Once she was talking on the phone, and was trying to get a rental car so she could drive from the airport, to home. The person she was talking to, was not giving her the answers she needed. So she became frustrated, but was still using a kind voice. She then ask to speak to the manager, and the manager gave her the answers she needed. I learned to be kind even though everything is not going as planned. I have also learned to be polite, nice, and helpful. …show more content…

The man said, “Let me pay, I will be my good deed for the day.” My mom had been shocked, because not very many people are that generous and kind. Then she had thanked him. The man had went back to his car and left. After my mom had gotten home, she was thinking about how kind the man was. Then she had remember that he had said, “...good deed for the day.” So then she was thinking about a “good deed” she could do for someone else. That man had created a “ripple effect”. The ripple effect is when one person does something, another person does it too. It can be either good or bad. If you throw something into a pond, it causes ripples, then there are more and more ripples, and it expands and expands. I believe that if one person does a good thing for someone, it will most likely cause a ripple effect. The kindness will

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