Third Culture Kids

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To all my fellow third culture kids
You know when you discover a new word and all of a sudden you notice everyone using it in their vocabulary? Paradigm shift was something I learnt the first time when my anthropology professor used it, and then three days later I heard my chemistry teacher use it to explain the development in chemistry; specifically, about how famous German chemists would build off of each other’s’ ideas and cause paradigm shifts in the world of science.
That isn’t the term I care much about though. Third Culture Kid, was the term that ended up capturing exactly how I felt. The colour of my skin didn’t seem to reflect the values I believed in. They weren’t in line with the values my parents held, and it always confused me
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The daughter is getting married to a man she doesn’t know very well and twelve-year-old Siddhima is old enough to understand the concept of an arranged marriage but she isn’t OK with it. She still has to defend the idea to those who don’t understand the concept. She has to defend opinions she doesn’t fully believe in, more often than she likes.
Mario says ik hou van jou to Janneke from the Netherlands, te quiero to Javier from Guatemala, ana ouhibuk to Fatima from Jordan and I love you to John from Britain. Mario apparently is a privileged little shit who only cares about showing off his multi-lingual skills. What he doesn’t come off as, is an inquisitive boy who enjoys connecting to people in their language, who tries to minimise awkwardness and bring familiarity by speaking another language. Mario chooses to stick to Spanish instead.
Kamau loves dancing but his dancing is too white. He’s too white to be black because he talks funny and ways woh-tuh like John from Britain instead of saying water like he is from Kenya. Kamau was hit by his father when he was seven because he came home late after sunset one night. Kamau expected to be hit by his father because it’s how you discipline your child. Kamau didn’t think it was child abuse but he better not be saying anything outside of Kenya because his best friend is going to back him up and call 911. Kamau better keep
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