Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher Essay

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For Thirteen Reasons Why, I am going to explain the literary terms. Thirteen Reason is about a girl named, Hannah Baker who killed herself. Before Hannah killed herself she made 13 videos of why this person made her make that decision.
Characters: In “Thirteen Reason Why,” there are two main characters, Clay, and Hannah. Clay is developed as this ordinary student in high school, and get these videos about Hannah Baker. Hannah Baker is the girl who killed herself, and explains all her feelings about others, and tells what she hears from others.They both interact by,Hannah giving her point of view about the others person, and Clay listens to everything she says, and thinks about the others. In this quote it …show more content…

He got so mad that he even punched his hand into a fence.
Meaning: There are many words that explain the meaning of “ Thirteen Reason Why.” Some words our
“ Denied” (pg:80) Connotative: Not going to do it. Denotative: Denying it because you really don’t want to do it.
“ Victim” (pg: 118) Connotative: The main person Denotative: The person who is getting bullied or etc.
‘ Irresistible” (pg: 85) Connotative: Won’t stop Denotative: Keeps doing it, and doing it for a reason.
“ Overhear” (pg: 175) Connotative: Person tells you to go to that location. Denotative: Overhear a person saying something. “Gossip” (pg: 199) Connotative: Talking to someone Denotative: Talking about a person behind there backs without even knowing.
“ Consequences” Connotative: Doing something boring to you Denotative: For doing something bad, you are going to get payback with something to do.
“ Suffer” (pg:211) Connotative: In pain Denotative: For something bad you did, you now have to suffer.
“ Deny” (pg: 224) Connotative: Says no Denotative: Does Not want to take the risk or doing whatever was asked.
“ Emotions” (pg: 227) Connotative: Sadness ( doesn't feel right) Denotative: Not feelings the best, and is having sorrow feelings.
“ Experience” (pg: 135) Connotative: Has done that before. Denotative: Has gone through that before. Point of view: There is a lot of point of view in this book! Hannah always explains what she thought about that person, and what this person did to

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