This Be the Verse by Philip Larkin(Poem) Essay

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Being punished as a young child, life seemed harsh and uneasy. The way parents would yell at you, tell you what to do, what not to do, and they always seemed to have gotten in the way of doing what us children wanted to do. It was all done for a reason however. The "cruelty" our parents showed us was out of love. They just want to use their experience to help guide our lives to success. With their guidance we are given opportunities to change some of the things we do for the better. Parents were raised a generation before us, therefore making them not as "chat-friendly" as someone whose our age. Mom and dad have helped in so many ways that we would not be able to name them all. From teaching us about nutrition to what words not to …show more content…

The only difference between the mom and dad and the child is that they grew up in different generations. Mom and dad's generation wore older style clothing because they were in an earlier generation than us. "Who half the time were soppy-stern (ll.7), and half at one another's throats." (ll.8) the parents of our parents were much stricter in punishments. They would get straight to the point and beat their kids if it was needed. Instead of talking to their children they would physically try to change them because that is how discipline was taught in generations before us. The parents would yell and scream at their children hoping that they change for the better when half the time screaming did not help the situation at all. "Man hands on misery to man (ll.9), it deepens like a coastal shelf" (ll.10) these lines are saying how a dad passes down his experience to his son. As the son gets older and older the dad teaches the son more and more about life and what to expect out of it and what can be done to make you a better person. It is similar to the ocean floor because the father keeps teaching the son more and more and it is like an endless cycle. "Get out as early as you can (ll.11), and don't have any kids yourself" (ll.12) Larkin is definitely trying to warn us not to have kids if we can't manage them. Larkin is saying that the only way to have children is

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