This Goldfish Theme Essay

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Analytical Essay Unit 1 ties into the theme of tolerance and the acceptance of others, as Barbara Jordan said it, “We, as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves”. Whether it was the short story What of This Goldfish, Would You Wish? Or the newspaper editorial The American Flag Stands For Tolerance, the pieces dive into and explore the issues of acceptance among others. In the Texas v. Majority court case, the theme is tolerance is the driving force of the short read. The Supreme Court argued that we must be tolerant of Gregory Lee Johnson for his desecration of the American Flag as it is freedom of speech and would be unconstitutional to imprison him for exercising his first amendment freedoms. Another argument states that Johnson should have been tolerant of the United…show more content…
The story follows young Yonatan, as he tries to document people’s responses to a simple question. Along the way he meets a man named Sergei, and this is where acceptance comes up. Sergei is very irritated by the young and ecstatic boy when he shows up to his doorstep. Sergei being very weary of people who knock on his door, does not accept or tolerate Yonatan, and tries to get him to leave his home when Yonatan was showing respect to him and being very kind. When Yonatan enters his home without his permission, Sergei kills him on accident. Then Sergei's magical fish offers to revive Yonatan in exchange for being set free, this forced him to become tolerant of the young boy, and make a selfless decision. My So-Called Enemy is arguably the most powerful piece with the theme of tolerance. Palestinian and Israeli girls must learn to bond with one another regardless of their social, political , or religious background . Tolerance is the whole key of the documentary and what resolves the turmoil between the girls as they learn to accept one another through their
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