This Investigation Will Explore The Question: To What Extent

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This investigation will explore the question: To what extent did the Kent State Shooting impact the social outcome of the Vietnam War? The time of focus in this investigation will be from the 1970s. I will also be investigating the evolution of the Vietnam war and Kent State to explain the social effects on society. The first source which will be evaluated in depth is Jeff Hay’s book “ Richard M. Nixon”, written in 2000 . The origin of this source is valuable because Michener is an author of over 40 books/novels. Jeff Hay is known for the great amount of research he does when writing a book. Because of the great efforts and research Hay put into each of his books, he is very knowledgeable on this topic. Furthermore, the date of the …show more content…

In this address, the President discusses his reasons in invading Cambodia. The President states that invading Cambodia will lessen the casualties of the soldiers in the war. This source is limited because it includes the interest of the President and not the interest of the citizens. The U.S citizens were against the war and wanted the President to end the war not extend it. The purpose of this incursion address is to inform the American citizens that our military will be invading Cambodia and to gain support of the invasion. The president is persuading the to the people that invading Cambodia will bring U.S troops home. This source is valuable because it is a primary source coming from the President at the time. This source is also valuable because Nixon has promised that the U.S military would soon be pulling out from the War in Vietnam and now the military is invading Cambodia, extending the war. Investigation Beginning in the mid 1960’s, student protesters on college campuses were very common. In November 1968, Richard M. Nixon was elected president, largely due to his promise to eject the United States from the Vietnam war. However, Nixon did not take immediate action to pull the U.S troops out of Vietnam. Because of Nixon’s failure to pull out from Vietnam, many student protesters were angered. On May 4th, 1970, The Ohio National Guard killed four students and injured nine, one of which

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