This Paper Will Be Discussing A Recent Fifteen Hour Field

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This paper will be discussing a recent fifteen hour field experience I participated in which I observed a classroom which included many students of diverse ethnic and cultural groups. I will discuss any prejudices/discriminations I observed in the classroom based on ethnic and cultural diversity. I will also describe how this experience has made me determined to try to create a positive learning environment for students of diversity in the classroom.

Keywords: Experience, culture, ethnicity, diversity
Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Field Experience Report My field experience was completed at Hoover Elementary School in Coon Rapids, MN.
I had the opportunity to visit a 5th grade class to observe ethnicity and culturally diverse students …show more content…

I learned that I will need to understand the issues facing my students inside and outside of the classroom. By having this understanding, I hope to be able to form real relationships with my students, make learning relevant to each student, and be able to provide the necessary support to make them successful learners. I want to be a resource and/or participant in my students’ life rather than just a spectator and/or teacher teaching about diversity. I realized that my previous perception would have left some students struggling in my classroom. I would have overlooked students’ needs if I only concentrated on teaching diversity in my classroom. I believe that this experience has made me grow as an educator and made me realize how I need to understand the complexities faced by my students in order for me to become successful in the classroom and to become an effective teacher.

Reflection of Experience
Response A My understanding of the lifestyles and contributions of ethnic and diverse groups has increased significantly by participating in this experience. In this clinical the main ethnic diverse group in the classroom were African Americans students. I learned that a students’ diversity influences their lifestyles (i.e. obesity in African Americans is prevalent because food is an important part of their

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