This Research Paper Seeks To Understand The Current Economic

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This research paper seeks to understand the current economic relationship between individual/family assets within larger economic forces and theorize at possible responses though real estate development. Research will include how liquid asset poverty, liquid asset wealth, changing class structures, and increased student debt obligations affect the real estate market. Trends within the housing market will then be analyzed as well as initial market responses. Finally, a networked response between these considerations will be used as a proponent for a subsidized model for housing, the Ice House. This first research segment is designed to consider current situations specifically looking at aspects of liquid asset poverty and wealth along with…show more content…
These are individuals who if a situation is dire enough, can’t even get a short term loan and are unfortunate targets for predatory lending schemes. In contrast to individuals struggling within Liquid asset poverty, the liquid asset rich individuals place other considerations onto the real estate markets. Since the measure of liquid asset poverty is a consideration of the amount of capital necessary over time, once the three months marker is met the metric lacks any definition as to what liquid asset wealth is measured by. For purposes of this research, I will define liquid asset wealth as a ceiling value of six months of living costs saved within easily liquidated assets. While it may be helpful to understand the effects of high liquid wealth within a context of real estate development, the author understands that an increase in wealth will not necessitate an increase in liquid assets due to the lower return on investment compared to illiquid assets. An investor who has more than six months of assets stored in a liquid manner is likely to not be using their assets in a responsible manner, assuming a reasonable investing market, it would be unlikely to see liquid assets rise with wealth instead of simply plateauing. The effects of these wealthier individuals has been documented within the work of Rodrigo Fernandez, annelore Hofman and Manuel B Aalbers in their article, “London and New York as a safe deposit box for the transnational wealth elite.” Within this
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