This essay is on Jane Eyre. The question was: How does Jane's character change through the course of the novel?

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From her troubles with the abusive Reed family, her friendships at Lowood, her love of Mr Rochester and her time with the Rivers family, Jane 's character remains strong and vigilant despite the hardships she endures. Through the course of the novel, Jane 's character changes slightly but moreover reinforces itself as Jane uses people, situations and her personal experiences to gain knowledge, and assist her gaining her full character. From when she was a child, Jane had forthright values of herself and an example is when she reprimanded John Reed for attacking her with a book, Wicked and cruel boy! I said. You are like a murderer you are like a slave driver You are like the Roman emperors! She was exiled and alienated by the Reed …show more content…

But then a voice revered me that I could do it; and foretold that I should do it. I wrestled with my own resolution... Jane wants to be weak and just love Mr Rochester and be with him yet her character was strong, leading her away from Thornfield and into a whole new perspective of the world. Penniless and hungry,

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