Thomas Draper 's ' The Theist '

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When considering a reasonable response to a viewpoint such as Draper 's, the theist must come to a point of declaring one of two positions: 1) God is hidden and we must trust that we have guessed right, or 2) God has revealed Himself to us to the extent that we can know Him. The second statement seems to more closely align with Christianity and the idea that it includes an integration of faith and reason.
Consider, now, the agnostic position, such as Draper holds. What would it take for Draper to believe in God? As he addresses arguments from apologetics and finds them inconclusive, perhaps he would be convinced if the arguments for theism were stronger and the arguments for naturalism weaker. The arguments are strong and weak enough to …show more content…

He also desires that we love us. According to Drange, God revealing His existence would not be enough to make the world love Him. We would come to belief and worship for the wrong reasons.
If God did write in the sky announcing His presence, or if someone was able to come with an absolutely perfect argument for God 's existence, Draper says that he would reconsider his position.2 Others say the same thing. But they wouldn 't love God. Imagine the scene, an article is published in a philosophy of religion journal declaring that the truth has come out, a watertight proof for the existence of God has been discovered, and it is the Christian God. (To begin with I cannot even imagine such an undeniable proof would be possible.) The next Sunday pastors and priests expect the pews to be filled with new Christians. It 's a miracle, they think, the whole world can now be saved. Instead of debates questioning God 's existence now we can have more theological discussions about complicated doctrine, perhaps we 'll be able to get a clear idea on things such as the nature of the Trinity, the debate on free will, etc.
But Sunday morning comes and all the people expected to be found in church, worshiping their creator, are at home. Perhaps some are angry, they were already angry

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