Thomas Hobbs And John Locke

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Philosophers Thomas Hobbs and John Locke argue that having a government is the only way for a society to avoid the state of nature. However, Hobbs and Lock argue for completely different methods of government, monarchy and republic, which are both means to break out of the inherent state of nature. One such method, argued for by Hobbs, is an absolute monarchy where you subdue your liberty for security. Whether or not the absolute monarchy is tyrannical, Hobbs portrays the state of nature as “poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” For the most part the state of nature, as referred to by Hobbs, makes the population accept the tyranny of a monarchy because that is better than the state of nature. The colonies rejected Britain’s Monarchy for its lack of representation, which caused a revolution. Furthermore, after the American Revolution the articles of confederation was drafted to create order after independence was gained. The articles of confederation is extremely weak, and does not tie the newly birthed nation together cohesively. There are a plethora of problems with regards to the articles of confederation, but the most profound is the lack of power vested in the national government. Therefore, the constitution should be ratified since it maintains balance of national and state government, additionally, the constitution fosters the overall growth of the nation through its ability to collect taxes, maintain cooperation between states, and represents the population

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