Thomas King's The Truth About Stories

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What makes you different then someone else? Do you really believe that someone is different than you by the way they look? do we believe this to be true? Who’s to say we aren’t all the same? While undefined I think it is crazy how they are treated.

For as long as I can remember people have always done things differently than me. Does that make them different than me? Life really is whatever you want it to be, some people have different interest but we all share one similar thought that we are all put on this earth for a reason. IN Thomas kings book, “The truth About stories” he tells many stories about how being an Indian has affected him and helps people see his point of view. One of his many stories he explains that him and his brother are standing in a parking lot in Oklahoma looking at a statue of Will Rodgers. In the story he explains that everyone has their own idea of what Indians look like but why does will Rodgers represent Indians. He asks a very important question when he says, “yet how can something that has never
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for example Thomas king tells a story About a duck and fox and how the fox needed some feathers to help protect the ducks. The fox kept losing feathers and coming back for more and more feathers. Thomas king finished the story with, “Now, I could finish this story but you already know what’s going to happen, don’t you? The ducks are going to keep giving up their beautiful long feathers. Coyote is going to make a mess of things. The world is going to change and nobody is going to be particularly happy. (page 127) If you take the context in which this story relates it’s that the “Americans” are the coyote and the ducks are the “Indians” and the feathers are land. See the coyote got very greedy with the duck’s feathers and wanted them all just like the Americans got greedy and wanted all of the Indians
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