Thomas Lester Pugh : The Oldest Of Two Kids

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Thomas Lester Pugh born in Stigler, Oklahoma in 1937 to John and Cora Pugh, he was the oldest of two kids he had a sister Gene Pugh. Thomas grew up in the San Bois Mountains working on a farm with his family until the second grade when his family moved to California to follow the fruit harvest. In California I just went from one school after another out there (said Thomas Lester Pugh). The Pugh family moved back to Oklahoma to Glenpool, about 15 miles south of Tulsa, when Thomas was in the fifth grade and that’s where they settled down and stayed. In high school Thomas was pretty popular he was voted the best athlete, class vice president, “biggest wolf”, and “best dancer”. During his years of high school he loved to play basketball even though he was very short, at the height of 5’8 he liked playing it gave him a challenge, and during his four years of basketball he had a higher point average than anyone on the team. After graduating high school he was inducted into the army where he spent the next twenty-five months, where he was assigned into the artillery division, he hated everyday of it. After being released from the service he operated his own service station in Glenpool and a house moving service after his discharge in 1962. For the next ten months he ran these two little businesses but after it all settled into routine I just hated it he said (Thomas Lester Pugh). This is when Thomas took a new route in his life, on March 9, 1963, Pugh was arrested in Pryor for

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