Thomas More Utopia Essay

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Utopia Reading Assignment Utopia by Thomas More illustrates his ideal world through detailed descriptions of a fictitious land. The land of Utopia greatly contrasts the reality in old Europe. Thomas More criticizes Europe’s societal mistakes through the exploration of an imaginary world. Utopia’s preferred laws involving religion, morals and wealth appeal to Thomas More due to his views on how society is conducted in Europe. Religion in Utopia differs greatly from Europe. Many religions are tolerated, but all religions believe in one God. This averts division between the people. Priests are viewed in high regards, it is stated that "Their priests are men of eminent piety, and therefore they are but few, " due to so few people being…show more content…
The people of Utopia do not value wealth “fine clothes are in no esteem among them, that silk is despised, and gold is a badge of infamy”. More’s removing of the desire of money obstructs greed from possessing the minds of the people. Actions are not driven by the accumulation of riches, like Europe. As mentioned in readings, Europe during this time period wanted to expand economically. The production of goods and trade increased as Europe integrated into the global economic system. Europe wanted to become a prosperous empire. The need for dominance over the economy led to financial crashes as capitalism developed. This left people impoverished. This increased the separation between the rich and the poor. Lines between classes were drawn as the rich sought to become richer. In Utopia, this problem is hindered due to the lack of significance placed on money. This makes the Utopian society an exemplary example of a well ran economy compared to Europe’s. Thomas More’s negative view of events that took place in Europe clearly lead to the creation of Utopia. Utopia is the ideal world to More. He improves the religion, moral and economic aspects of England in Utopia in hopes of creating the harmony that Europe
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