Thomas Paine: Not Who We Think He Is

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Thomas Paine was an incredibly inspirational American author from the Revolution era. He was a big reason for our troops being motivated enough to continue the fight, even during the winter at Valley Forge, when things were looking their bleakest. However, he wasn’t simply a snooty, bookish man that could handle his pen. Tat image of him we are fed is grossly wrong. Rather, Thomas Paine was a poor man that couldn’t stay in school or make corsets. According to one of his superiors, the man couldn’t even learn proper grammar, despite the surroundings of a magazine production facility.

Thomas Paine had an interesting early life, full of failures and disappointments. He was born to a corset maker and his wife on January 29, 1737. He was in a situation where more than one religion was observed in his household, though both were under the same subsection, of which was Christianity: his dad was a Quaker whilst his mother observed Anglicanism. He didn’t have a very good education–at least, not a formal one. He did, however, at least learn how to read, write, and perform arithmetic. Once he reached the age of 13, he became an apprentice to his father, working as a corset maker. He was forced to do so at such a young age in light of him flunking out of his school. When he turned 19, Paine broke away from the business that he had befallen him to have a sea voyage. Once he returned by the age of 31, he became working as an excise officer. His job entailed that he collected taxes on

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