Thomas R. Dye Established That Public Policy

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Thomas R. Dye established that public policy is known to be “whatever governments choose to do or not to do” (“Cultural Policy”). The formulation of policy is a cyclical, multifaceted process. It begins with the identification of an issue. Once an issue is found, options to fix the current discrepancies are looked at. This results in the determination and implementation of a policy (“Expertise and the Policy Cycle”). Repercussions of policies are potentially felt on every social and institutional level, with every policy having ripple effects within all actors involved, and sometimes, ones who aren’t. One of the most important policies in today, is the United States policy regarding the adjudication process, protection of, and detention of unaccompanied child migrants coming from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries. This is an incredibly important topic, because the policy that the United States decides to pursue, will affect relations with a variety of actors and institutions for differing reasons, including the United Nations.
There are many issues with both the adjudication process and detention of unaccompanied child migrants, that result in inadequate care for the children. These are characterized by a lack of adequate care and protection for the children involved, both judicially and physically. This inadequacy is seen in three areas of current United States’ policy. First, there is a lack of an adjudication process for children detained in the United States.
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