Thomas Reid versus Roy Baumeister Essay

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The evolution of mankind has seem to have established a complex form of control that is directly connected to popular conceptions of free will. Highly adaptive aspects, designated by self-control and the idea of rational choice are crucial to successfully functioning within a given culture or community. The processes that conceive such forms of free will could be biologically costly and thus used only on occasion. Thus most individuals will tend to be only somewhat not completely rational, disciplined and noble. This is the conclusion of Roy Baumeister, leader in the field of psychology from Florida State University. Baumeister strongly believes that as a result of biological processes willpower is no more than a limited resource. On the …show more content…

In addition, Baumeister concluded that ego depletion or willpower depletion can occur from making simple decisions. This is because according to Baumeister, the same type of energy used for making decisions is also used for self-control. Think of willpower as a gas tank that must supply both self-control as well decision making processes. Consequently, this can lead to people avoiding to make decisions, or making poorer decisions as a result. However, Baumeister claims that self-control with regular use can be improved. Engaging in a number of different situations or certain activities that demand good self-control can help to improve an individual’s self-control ability. Truly, Baumeister’s assessments seem to suggest that over the evolution of mankind an expensive biological process was created in order to control actions. This process involves using a large amount of an individual’s caloric diet to power psychological processes. These processes according to Baumeister is what has enabled people to behave in ways that have been advantageous. On the other hand, Thomas Reid does not believe free will to be a limited resource. Rather, Reid believes more or less that free will is limitless. Reid acknowledges as metaphysical libertarian that free will is a concrete thing and that not having the ability of free will is not possible, that the existence of a nonphysical agent such as a

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