Thor as Portrayed in the Kenneth Branagh Movie

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In this paper, I will talk about Thor as portrayed in the movie directed by Kenneth Branagh as he may be depicted differently in other sources. Thor is the god of thunder and son of Odin, ruler of Asgard in Norse mythology. A powerful God that was next in line for the throne of Asgard. Thor had the power of thunder and was able to control its power with his hammer, which also allows him to fly. Comparing Thor to Jesus, both are powerful beings. Asgard and Heaven are very similar as it is where the Gods/God live. With great power both Thor and Jesus conquered things in their own way. Jesus conquered sin, not by using his fists to fight Satan, but instead he was crucified to stop Satan controls over the people. Where in Soteriology 1 payment for sin. Jesus conquered sin by offering his body, the body of god, to repent for the people of the world's sin. Unlike Jesus, Thor's course of action is not non-violence. He comes from Asgard, a world where war was heavily prevalent, which was the reason Thor was banished to earth. He conquered his enemies through his hands. Though both are godly and had similar intentions Thor's course of action for his mission was different from Jesus according to course text.

Thor is a savior figure because he saves humanity from God's themselves specifically his brother Loki, who betrayed his family while he was banished by their father Odin. In this film Thor is your typical hero who is powerful and strong. In the beginning Thor thought he

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