Those Surrounding Me Shape My Live and Me Essay

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As far as memories go, I only consider very few to be of significance in my short life that I’ve lived, and even fewer I would find have inspired change in my life. Consequently, I believe the people around us influence the decisions we make and perhaps the life that we live with any changes to it that we make. Groucho Marx said “Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him.” Due that the fact that I believe this quote to be true I chose my first memory of a now very close friend of mine, Amara. She had the goofiest and most outgoing character of any one I had met. I knew she was completely opposite of me and I loved it. I'll always remember her for her personality but she had so much more than that. Amara was…show more content…
I was stuck sitting and sweating at the theater for at least a half an hour for fear of not knowing where the it may be. Luckily I had a Gamin GPS, unfortunately the dominant male in me wouldn’t accept the directions from the robot like voice shouting at me while I drove with my fresh license in pocket through crowded streets in southern Ohio. Keep in mind I come from a small town where I may not see more than five cars on my road all day. Eventually Amara made it there with her friend Myah, a very small cheerleader that always seemed to be relatively mad about something, and Myah's dad. He was a tall and quite frightening black man but had a sense of humor that was similar to mine. The jokes soon set me at ease but my female company made me sweat more than the heat itself. This of course was an internal sweat but I could feel it showing through my skin as if I were illuminated by a red spotlight of some sort. After some short complications with the age restrictions inside at the front desk we entered the theater to watch Fright Night, a remake of a movie I can only assume was popular a few years before my time. The grizzly nature of the movie definitely didn’t make date material so I wanted to turn attention away from the movie and engaged in conversation as well as playful gestures. I was successful or at least as successful as any teenage boy can hope for being with such an
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