Three Characteristics Of Machiavellianism And Deversiveness

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Some of us are darker than the rest. These “darker” individuals make an interesting topic for psychologists. As stated by Paulhus & Williams in 2002, the three major traits of these socially aversive personalities are Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. Core of Machiavellianism lies in its manipulative nature ( Paulhus & Williams, 2002 ). They can also be deceitful, dishonest and cold ( Carter, Campbell & Muncer, 2013). As McHoskey states, they can also use social manipulation to achieve their goals and they are also oppurtunists. They also have their sexual debuts in earlier ages and report more sexual partners. ( cited in Carter et al., 2013). As Christie & Geis (1970) puts, they are misanthropic, cynical, and they have high agency. ( cited in Rauthmann & Kolar, 2012). To compare with the Big…show more content…
In their 2012 study, Holtzman and Strube investigated the effects of adornment used by Dark Triad individuals on their perceived attractiveness. One component of the study was “unadorned attractiveness” which was the facial symmetry of participants. The other component of the study was “effective adornment” which was basically how individuals “consciously” or “unconsciously” manipulated the way they look in order to be perceived as more attractive. Examples can vary from showing cleavage to preference for colors. Not surprisingly their results showed that people higher on dark traits used effective adornment significantly more than others. And specifically psychopathy was the most closely linked one to effective adornment. The guess the underlying reason is not rocket science. Individual with higher levels of Dark Triad traits get more satisfaction from attention and having their self-esteem pampered. Also an alternative reason could be that using effective adornment and having a good look may enhance the probabilities of capturing the attention of possible mates. In both scenarios, it pays

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