Three Characteristics Of Utilitarianism

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We first utilitarian theory. Utilitarianism on the characteristics of this moral behavior has three, one is to focus on the performance of thinking behavior, the results and results, regardless of the motive of behavior, or not pay attention to thinking correct or not, the motivation is pure or not, as long as there is a good effect on the line. Utilitarian emphasis on the effect, so you can simply say that it is the effect of theory. Second, before the behavior of it to weigh the comparison, to calculate the pros and cons, uneconomical things, the loss of things quit Utilitarian theory to calculate, to keep the mind to do this thing in the end is not profit, profit or less, it should act according to this, so it should weigh to calculate to compare. It is absolutely undue to do things that are uneconomical. Three is based on the individual, to others and society. Utilitarian theory is the first pursuit of personal fame or happiness, he thought it was the most fundamental. For which you have to take care of the interests of others and the public or happiness.
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People in their daily lives, dominate the moral principles of their ideology and behavior, there are utilitarian theory is also moral, we only carefully observe, think, study the human life, it is not difficult to find this moral truth. For example, people often say that doing something is worth it, it is not cost-effective to do one thing; not only to say something is not worth it, it is not cost-effective to do something, Whichever is greater, the two offsets take its light. Or tell a friend not to account for small, accounting for cheap to suffer. All these, that people in the moment of thinking and behavior is in the utilitarian sense of moral control taken under the control. Simply put interest. Fame, benefits, benefits dominate the behavior of people. This is not uncommon in

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