Three Components Of The Criminal Justice System

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To explore the components of the criminal justice systems I believe it would be easiest if we followed a fictitious offender as he travels through the system. For this example, we will say the offender climbed though his neighbor’s window and stole his television. The victim, Sally Sue was home sleeping. Also, a witness, Billy Bob saw this event. Both Sally Sue and Billy Bob called the police initiating the first component of the criminal justice system. As the police arrive they begin contacting interviews and gather evidence about the crime, a burglary. Detectives may be called to conduct further in-depth interviews at the police station or another location. Crime scene units may come to the scene or the crime and collect physical evidence like finger prints, photographs and shoe impressions. For the sake of our story the police apply for a search warrant and search the offender’s house. The stolen television is found. The offender is arrested.
After the offender’s arrest, he has is first appearance at the second component of the criminal justice system, the courts. The offender is arraigned on the charges filed against him. He is told what offenses he is charged and what it is alleged that he did. He is advised of his right to counsel and bail is assigned. Bail is only used as a surety that the offender will appeared for his next court appearance. At his next appearance, the offender will have the opportunity to plead guilty or have a trial. If the

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